Maximum sharing in USA 🇺🇸 ❣️❣️❣️

Michele writes,

my original name is Puchkov Oleg Sergheevitch, I was born on 20/04/1998 in St. Petersburg (Russia), I was taken to orphanage no. 12.

I am looking for my adopted sisters in USA: Maria Puchkova (Puchcova) born in 1997 adopted in 1997 and Victoria Puchkova (Puchcova) born in 1995 adopted in 1998.

Our biological father is called Pucicov Serghei Vladimirovitch born on 23/05/1977.

Our biological mother is called Pucicova Elena Vicorovna born on 19/06/1973.

I ask you to share my appeal as much as possible so that I can find my sisters.

Thank you